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2024 TEC Decision - Current
Approved MDA No Approved MDA
Approved - Surgery/Research No Approved Surgeries/Research
Contingent Approvals
Reserve 1: Funding and/or partner not confirmed No Reserve 1
Reserve 2: Awaiting impact survey results No Reserve 2
Reserve Special: Special Concerns No Reserve Special
Does Not Meet Criteria No DNMC
2024 Shipment Summary
2023 Carry Over 0
2024 Total Planned Shipment 0
Shipped Year to Date 0
Remaining to be Shipped 0

Shipment Information

Shipment Planned Shipment Month Planned MDA Month POS (Bottles) TABS (Bottles) # of Treatments Shipment Date Arrival Date Mode

Shipment Tracking

Completed Cancelled Outstanding Issues Not Completed
  1. MOU Signed
  2. Inventory Report Submitted
  3. Green Light Issued
  4. Order Submitted
  5. Order Packed
  6. Order Shipped
  7. Shipment Arrived
  8. Confirmation of Receipt

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